Week 6

So last week was an interesting week:


We did the longest and wettest drive so far and went to a Yorkshire EV Club meetup.. 

So apart from a trip to Leeds last week, during the week, and the seemingly daily trip to Starbucks, yes I like my coffee


On Saturday the missus decided we should have a trip to York and the Designer Outlet, so 90 mile round trip for Haribo and Joe Browns, as well as Harry Potter shops in York and some grub, on a rare day off together....
I started the day with a whisker under 80% and got to York the scenic way and not up the hell of the M1 and the A64 preferring to skirt Donny, Pontefract and following the blue route 



We got to York before the Heavens opened, but as soon as we got on the Park and Ride bus into York the heavens opened up and didn't stop until we walked in the door  car had gone from 80ish% to 56% not bad for  42.7miles  the fun was to come on our way home with the torrential downpour. 

Coming back down the  A64 /A1M, as it had been a long and we where both soaked  but fed, watered and shopped out.... we hit the full force of the weather, and after a stop at Morrison to grab a few Movie night essentials and some tea, we made our way back home... We did try the Genie Point charger at Morrisons Brampton, but it refused to take any card, so we gave up. 

The return journey took the car from 56% to 18% but we did have the heating on to demist the windows and to warm us up, and we where so glad of heated seats....


A quick run upto Fox Valley to get milk etc from Aldi (as I totally forgot doh! ) and a quick charge for 30minutes at the InstaVolts and then back home had us from 12% to 50%ish and ready for the week ahead....


Went to the Yorkshire EV Club meet at Elsecar Heritage centre wihich was a bit of an unorganised mess, but saw Ioniq 5, wow what a big car, and I dont like it its not as nice as the original :P  Saw the Mach-E what a beautiful fast car, but again massive.


End of the 1st Month

After a month have I kept the Ioniq or swapped it???


So my first month of being an EV driver is finally over, and boy has the past month flown by..... It doesn't seem that long that the Ioniq was being delivered and I became an EV driver... 


The Car aka Evee aka Hyundai Ioniq


So the scores on the doors from month one:


758 miles covered


35hrs in the car driving



I don't think that is bad, for the first month, which means I have an extra 215miles to play with this month with OntO:



The Efficiency of the car and the regen still makes me smile and according to the App, i have regen'd more that I have used.. Which is good to say Sheffield has some big hills :-)  


I really can not fault the Ioniq so far, and it does seem to be very under estimated EV, that is very efficient and a nice car to drive, apart from have to turn Auto Hold On every bleedin time you start the car, as well as turn off the annoying for none motorway driving lane assist... please car manufacturers let me set this to be off unless I want it turned on, this isn't a Hyundai thing, but also an issue in a Skoda Scala I have driven and others. 



Charging Infrastructure


I am very impressed with InstaVolts at both Manvers (Costa/KFC) and Fox Valley, and also at Starbucks, Beighton, they just work every time, and without hassle although I did come across one City Taxi in Sheffield not charging but using one of the bays to go grab a Greggs, not on.... especially when there are plenty of spaces to park. 

Meadowhall in Sheffield needs a special shout out as they have approx 50 7KW chargers all free and are literally plugin, press a button and leave to go shop/eat/ cinema... exactly how destination chargers should be.

I am lucky that my OntO subscription includes charging at Shell and Partners chargers, BP (No)Pulse and InstaVolt,  



I cant complain about the OntO service, it just works as it should, you get a reminder 11 days before your renewal date to esign and that its and then 7 days before your renewal, then the try pre authorise the next months payment and thats it and at 1pm it all switches over.. 

I have build up some OntO reward points which are just a side thing. 

The one thing that has made the journey easy is the community at https://community.on.to as I have said in other articles,  is full of knowledgeable people and a great community....

So is Evee Staying,... 

The answer is yes and hell yes :-)


If you want to try Onto and get £50 for me and you off your first subscription, and I get £50 off my next month use my Referral code 424ed



End of Week 2

I am now into the 2nd week of being a EV driver, and I still have a smile on my face. 


We have found another excellent InstaVolt Site, at Fox Valley, Stiocksbridge  Near Sheffield, 6 rapid chargers and plenty of shops, and excellent places to go and eat, I can highly recommend the Bridge Bakery, good coffee, sandwiches and cakes :) we where there an hour shopping and eating, which meant we left the car was at 100%


I have also been upto the office, this time on the M1 and wow what an experience this was in the Ioniq, i put the Adapative Cruise Control on and set the speed to 69, due to speed cameras, and let the car do its thing, and I have never smiled so much on the drive up to the Office, the Ioniq, just worked and did what I expected of it. 

Economy is still looking good, this is after the trip up the M1