Week 1 with the Ioniq

So i got my Ioniq on Monday 23rd August, just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend, She (The Car has been named Evee, by the other half and from her love of Pokemon), arrived with 1100 miles or so after a circa600 mile delivery journey to and from the OntO depot in deepest Gloucestershire. so really only 500 miles on the clock, not too bad for a 21 plate car...  and also 64% charge, the car was also immaculate inside and outside.

The OntO delivery driver (Natalie was Excellent) and handed me the key after taking a ridiculous amount of photos, explained where the Charging Network cards where as well as the Granny Cable and the Type 2 cable.. and making sure I was happy, and then she set off for the train station for the long trek back to the South West. 

I had to go back to work for a couple of hours, but been a Geek it wasn't long before the kid in a toy shop came out, and I got in the car, and worked our where everything was and remember how to drive an automatic, and also the Re-Gen system. 

I got in the car, and decided I better go work how to use the public chargers near me, as I don't have off street parking, and drove the very long way round to Manvers, and the Costa Coffee and KFC (this is going to be dangerous), and reversed into the InstaVolt Charging bay, unlocked the charging door, and it really was as  simple as tapping the RFID Card, and plugged in the CCS adaptor and waited with baited breath as it spun into life, once It did off I went to Costa and sat with the car watching it charge in wonder, and a big smile, at how easy it was, and then at 80% i stopped the charge locked the door, and then drove off minutes full of coffee and 80% charge... All in all 25 minutes from Start to Finsih.. 

The next adventure was driving to Leeds and my Office where at the moment I am doing 1 day a week, which is 26miles (ish) each way... I set off at 6am, and thought I would give regen (Regenerative Braking a try, I set off with 76% battery and 149miles range.  50 minutes later i was at the Office and was very impressed with the below:


64% Batter and 125 miles range so I had regen'd 2miles of battery and managed what I have been told is amazing for a new EV Driver... 


Going home wasn't as good as I thought the Ioniq would be good to try on the Motorway, which takes the same amount of time near enough as the non-motorway route. The car is certainly no slouch. 


Today Saturday (28/8) the Ioniq has been on a tour to see my Father and Brother, who both like the car, and where surprised how quiet it was and how comfy, as well as asking lots of questions about range, charging and everything else. A trip to the Starbucks at Beighton (Sheffield) for a coffee which was planned also meant I could show them how easy it was to charge using one of the 4 InstaVolt Chargers they have., and to monitor the charging progress using the BlueLink Application from Hyundai. 
Unfortunately, I did notice the number of ICE cars using the EV Charging spots to park whilst nipping into the Gregg's, i have never seen an Electric Ford Focus, or Audi A3, or VW Mini Van.... hmmm... 30 minutes later and all done (48% to 81%), and time to drop off my dad and brother...  

I have noticed a couple of things this week, and its only my first week being an EV Owner:

  1. Everyone is friendly at charging points
  2. People stare at the car, in traffic or driving past
  3. I have a smile constantly whilst driving 
  4. It's not Range anxiety, its Bladder Anxiety, as I will need to have a comfort stop, before I need to charge. 
  5. Charging is Easy and its now about the 3 c's - Charge, Coffee and Cake.


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