Week 3

Well we are now well into the journey with Evee (aka the Ioniq) and every time i get in the car.  We haven't done any long trips yet in the car due to work commitments of me and the boss (aka the wife to be who should already be my wife, but that's a very long story.. :) ). 


Thought I would mention charging to start with, we live in a Terraced house, with no Off Street Parking, and to be honest we are lucky as we have 2 InstaVolt Rapid Chargers within 10 minutes of home, and only charge when we need to, so when we go shopping, or when I get sent out to fetch lunch / coffee, I dont make a special journey to charge, and later today, im going to try the chargers at MeadowHell as I'm meeting my brother for lunch and Lego shopping (yes I'm 42 and still build Lego and im an IT Geek)... as im off for a couple of days leave.. 


The furthest the car has been is Leeds and back, but boy does she like the drive, its so nice and easy to drive, either up the M1 or the back roads via Wakey its just all so easy, using Regen is a breeze and although on the highest level it can be a bit jerky, and as I am told its not very smooth for the passenger. Regen L2 seems to be the best and coming up and down hill like we have in Sheffield means I sometimes put in more miles than I do. 

As an example on the trip to Leeds from where I live is 25.7 miles to work, I started the journey with 131 miles and arrived at work with 109 miles left in the battery so, i had put approx 4 miles back in the battery just by using regen, I kept to all the speed limits (ish) and had the car in Drive mode (normal) mode... call me impressed. 

The drive up the M1, Normal Mode, ACC and Lane assist on, still makes me smile on the M1 as i just sit back and watch the road, and let Kerrang Radio blast out, the M1 is no longer the Highway to Hell..


The only thing I don't like is having to turn on Auto Hold, and turn off Lane Keeping Assist as its useless on country roads, and the roads near me where cars park on both sides of the road, every time I start the car, surely this could be put into RAM or saved to the computers Onboard computer...


I have also signed for another month with OntO, and can't fault them so far, everything has (fingercrossed) been plain sailing, and I would highly recommend them to people. See my link for referral details OntO Referral Details (evblog.uk)


I would also highly recommend joining there forums as well as there are some very knowledgeable people on there about EV's this can be found at https://community.on.to and also look at https://speakev.com  and https://www.electricroad.co.uk  and have a look at Fully Charged an excellent site and youtube channel all about going green and not just EV's https://fullycharged.show , I will create a post with all the resources I used before jumping in at some point in the future. 


Another excellent resource that I want to shout out is by Igrok on the OntO Community its a comparison site for all the cars offered by OntO, it is the bees knees, and is well worth a look even if you are not interested in OntO https://onto.evtips.co.uk 


Right back to my coffee and work, and charge in Costa..