In preparation for the Ioniq arriving, and been like a child in a Lego or Sweet Shop. I decided I would setup the apps required for the car well in advance of the car arriving, what i didn’t know was that it would take me a couple of hours to setup the apps both on my iPhone (2020 SE) and my Motorola Razr 5G.

So i downloaded the apps for the charging points around me in Sunny South Yorkshire, that Includes

  • InstaVolt
  • BP Pulse
  • Shell Recharge
  • Charge Your Car (CYC)
  • Electric Highway – Motorway driving
  • Osprey Charging
  • Pod Point – Tesco’s and Lidl
  • GeniePoint
  • and a couple of ones as Sheffield seems to be using a completely different supplier depending on where you are

I also installed Zap Map, ABRP, and the Hyundai BlueLink App, and of the course the OnTo App.

That is a lot of apps for charging, and each required a different account creating so my car now has its own email address, which I am using for all these services. I never knew my car would have an email address

I also created a Monzo Virtual Debit Card, to use with these apps, as if they get compromised, I can disable the card (the virtual cards are only available with a Monzo Plus or Premium Account).

Each charging app needs a different set of information, and some like Genie Point seem to want you to auto top and have a pot of money to spend, and will also charge you £9 for an RFID card… WTF

The CYC app requires a reg no, and to be honest is a crap app, and looks like a website made into an app..

InstaVolt was easy to setup, and the card was added and they charged £1 to my Virtual Card, and added it as credit, and I can then add my car details when it arrives, it also looks good and its quick.

BP Pulse and Shell Recharge are both just rehashes of their Petrol / Diesel Apps, and registration is the same as these apps.

Electric HighWay – No longer need the app to charge… and refuses to connect to the server anyway…. moving on

Osprey, again just asks for the basic information, including payment details.

PodPoint, seems to want you to have a balance in the app before charging, but if you are at home it links to the home charger.

To drive adoption of EV’s this needs to change and you should just have one app that talks to all networks and one set of payment details.
If I go to a petrol station, i just pull into the nearest one and use my debit or credit card, and fill up and drive away, simples, and this is how it should be for EV Charging, it should take numerous different apps with different methods of payment. This just causes confusion.
Also what about those people who have older smart phones or no smart phone? How does this work for them.