So over 2months in

So I am sat in Costa Coffee yet again on a Saturday Morning, charging Evee at the Instavolts, at Fox Valley Shopping Centre in the North of Sheffield, looking out over a rainy car park, coffee in hand, whilst I finish my Toasted Teacake.....  I am thinking about the last 2 Months with OntO an having an Electric Car, without Off Street Parking. 


Not done much driving this week so far, apart from going to CostCo on Friday to pick up a few things, and that included 2 motorway runs, both of which Evee handled with precision and with ACC (adapative Cruise Control a breeze), 



Met lots of EV Drivers at the Yorkshire EV Club meet up at a very windy Our Cow Molly Farm, in Dungworth, Sheffield, and noticed i actually prefer the Ioniq Classic v2 more the Ioniq 5, that car is just too big... 


So first the Car and using an EV without OSP


The Ioniq is a wolf in a sheeps clothing and is not shy when you put your foot down, and drives really nicely on country roads, although Sheep and Birds sometimes don't hear it coming sometimes, the car is comfortable and the heated seats and steering wheel make it a nice way to driver in the cold...

The boot is plenty big enough for the shopping and we have tested this as well with a trip to the tip, after our bed broke.... (take your mind out of the gutter :P) and also to good old CostCo... 


We haven't been hampered by not having OSP or Home Charging, as I charge whilst we do other things, like shopping, going for a meal, or just to escape work and pick up lunch, so don't think if you can't charge at home you can't have an EV.




InstaVolts are by far and away the best public charging network, followed by the PodPoints at Sainsbury's and Tesco's all 3 worked flawlessly compared to the faff at Meadowhall's now no longer free charging, and the fact the VendElectric App failed to confirm if payment was accepted, and the customer services staff at Meadowhall not having a clue.. we left the car charging, and a couple of hours later 100% charged we finally got a ping from Monzo saying £2.08 had been debited...


The 2 InstaVolt locations near me, both have coffee shops and facilities to use, and the one at Fox Valley has a gorgeous bakery so highly recommended if passing through...



I have my Ioniq through OntO a fully inclusive Subscription service, and for us it works a lot better than a lease, although you have to remember you won't own the car,  but that is like most people an leasing. So its basically a long term lease on a monthly basis. 



I have had to speak to Customer Services a couple of times about a faulty referral code, but they couldn't have been more helpful, and it was all sorted in 5 days.. I have also been involved in some UX feedback around the app and signup process and use the beta app, and feedback and this has been well received and acted upon.. 

The community I have to call out again is mostly friendly and helpful, and a world of knowledgeable folk.. 


So far so good :)


A Couple of referral codes, just in case I have peaked your interest:


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