OntO first Impressions

So I decided it was the time to replace the venerable Sally aka my 59 Plate Vauxhall 1.4 Club, after doing 130K miles in her, and also the fact I am now commuting on 1 day per week to Leeds so instead of my old 5 days a week, so cut 400 miles a week to 80 miles a week and also driving another 70miles a week for other none commuting tasks.


After much research I came across on.to ( https://on.to ) who for a single monthly fee of between £339 (for the e-up) all the way to a whopping £1300 per month for a Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model 3, or an Audi E-Tron, I decided to plump for something in the middle as my first EV, so chose the Hyundai Ioniq 2021 Premium Model priced at £419, plus an initial £49.50 delivery charge).


After to talking to the Boss (the wife), my father, and my uncle (who is a car dealer), and doing all the sums, I set a budget that I wanted to spend and came across the Ioniq which is only £160 per month more than my venerable Sally, and we all agreed it was a good deal.


The monthly price includes Insurance, Servicing, Charging and 1,000 miles a month, more about these later.


Sign up was easy to do, you create an account, and upload your Driving License, Take a Selfie of yourself with the Driving License and add a payment card. (no money is taken).


I did this a couple of days in advance of placing my order, just to make sure there where no issues, not that I was expecting any.


A couple of days later I took the plunge and went through the process and ordered the car, unfortunately with everything going on at the moment, the delivery date for my car is mid September.

As the delivery date is over 6 weeks away, you only pay 50% at time of order plus the delivery charge, the other 50% is paid 7 days prior to the delivery.


You are also told that you will get an update in a few days confirming that you have been accepted with their insurance provider, and the order can go ahead.


The next morning I got an email from the Customer Services Team at ONTO, telling me all was good to go, and to sit back and relax and wait.. That is very easy to do 🙂


First Impressions count, and this was an excellent first impression, quick, easy and cost effective a good start, only 6 weeks till the car arrives, so lets see what happens.


I would also point out the ONTO community is excellent and friendly with some knowledgeable people offering advice.


Onto Community – Forum dedicated to Onto users


There is surprisingly a good thread on the Monzo forum about all things EV, again with friendly (mostly) posters.